Thursday, December 18, 2008

Long time since I posted!

It's been a while since I have posted anything about us on here. I'm bad at this sorry. So I guess an update is due. Well Brayden is 20 months old as of yesterday. I don't think he could be more active. He is non-stop from the time he wakes up til the time I put him to bed, and sometimes I think he could stay up longer(including nap time). His big thing right now is if we ask him if he wants to go to bed he will shake his head. Everytime! His big words right now is uhoh or owe. What amazes me is when he wants a drink and I ask him where his sippy is he will point exactly where it is, which is usually over the gate. He used to throw ALL his toys over the gate and thank god that came to an end it got tiring everytime I would clean it up 5 min later they would all be back. Now it's usually just his sippy. I'm trying to wing him of his passy. It's going to be a hard one I can tell. Now he just has it while he is in bed, which is a step up. We put our christmas tree up a few weeks ago and all of the ornaments are from the middle up. Brayden would try to help, his helping consist of throwing the ornaments at the tree and hoping they would stick, Thank God for shatterproof ornaments made these days. So needless to say the tree isn't beautiful but it's up and that makes me happy.
Robert's job has been crazy the past month or so. We would get a different story everday about what was happening. Some of you might know that the oilfield has slowed down, way down. Well Robert's rig has gotten stacked out, which means it's not drilling. So I was frantic for a few days. I mean I stay at home and so I didn't know what we were going to do. So he got placed at another rig right now 2 positions down from where he was which equals almost a 10.00 pay cut, ouch! It's a paycheck though I keep having to remind myself. I know most of you won't agree with me but we are praying that price of oil goes up again so maybe it will pick back up. Robert said the other day that he was LOVING the cold air because that ment that people would be using their gas heaters which will bring the demand for it up. Fingers crossed. Sorry if you don't agree but its our lively hood.
I have been trying to save money anyway I can. I am a coupon cutting freak. I don't think I'm finding that many good deals yet. The best deals I find is usually at Walgreens. If you know any suggestions let me know.

When Brayden was 18 months we attempted to take pictures inside and he just wasn't up for it so we took him outside and he liked that a little better. Micah tried her best to get good ones and I think we got a few. Here's a few of my favorites though:

Here's some more random pictures from my blackberry:

We couldn' get him to eat cake for his 1st birthday but he loves it now!

This was his milk bucket from his halloween costume