Tuesday, April 15, 2008


On the way to Muskogee.
Playing at Grandma's in Muskogee, Ok.

Tired after a day in town shopping.

He wasn't very excited about the cake.

He loved the balloons though.

A very busy Week.

Where to begin? This going to be a long one so be prepared. We were going to leave on Wed. morning, but we decided to leave on Tues. afternoon due to big storms coming through(smart decision). We really didn't have a down time the whole time we were gone. We got to Muskogee at about 10 at night and had to get Brayden wound down. The next day we we went to town and did some shopping and went to eat at an awesome BBQ place, it was so good I went later on in the week. We got back to Robert's parents place right before the storm started. I freaked out because we were in a tornado warning, I really hate tornados. Brayden pretty much slept through the worst parts. We had to make an emergency run to town(which is about 12 miles) to go to wal-mart to get a pacifier. His mom got Brayden to sleep without the pacifier but when we tried to put him down he woke up. We couldn't find it anywhere, we didn't find before we left either. So after having 60-80 mph straight line winds that night. The next day Robert and his dad worked on their toilet allllll day long. Stuff broke stuff cracked it didn't go as planned. I went to town and spent time with Alisa and Darrion, making the birthday cake for the boys. Friday the girls spent the day getting our nails done and Angel and Alisa got their hair cut. Robert and his dad went fishing so his mom spent the day with Darrion and Brayden babysitting, which she loved! We had the birthday party and then went over to Angel, Leroy, and Alisa's and had a night out. Grandma babysat for us. Sat. we went to a parade and to the Chili cookoff, which was CRAZY! You pay $6.00 to get a little plastic bowl, a spoon and they give you tickets to hand out to the cookers to see who wins. There's about 2 blocks full of tents with people with their chili. We stayed there, got full and left. We went back out to his moms and left, got to Weatherford and went to the rodeo. Woo, I'm getting tired just typing this. So Sunday we had Brayden dedicated at my parents church. We were running really late. I didn't have time to explain to my dad how to run the camcorder. I left my digital camera in the car and my mom's camera's battery died right when she went to take the pictures, so no pictures of that. Very disappointed, but nothing I can do now. Then we had his birthday party at the bank that turned out great. I can't believe it's that time already. It seems like just yesterday I was laying in the hospital waiting painfully waiting on him to come into this world. We are so blessed to have the family and friends that we have. Right after that me and Robert left and came home he went to work and I put up some of the presents, then rested. I worked Monday at the high school and then went to pick up Brayden. That about covers it I think.