Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Best thing I've heard

My mom told me today that when she took Brayden out to my grandparents this weekend to visit that when they walked in the door my Grandpa said HI Brayden!! How cool is that. Just thought I would share. I was excited to hear how improved he is getting.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tickle Tickle Tickle

So Brayden has a new thing with tickling. It's soo funny! We always tickle him and so I guess he caught on. He will come up and start with the hands and says "Tickltickltickl". Well his nana got him a new book that asks where his belly button is if you lift your shirt to show him he will start tickling. I love it.
So this weekend was pretty crazy for us. We left here Fri and went to Weatherford. Brayden stayed with my mom and dad while me and Robert went out to Jaimes aunt and uncles house to swim. We had a blast. Then Sat. we went golfing we went at 7:44, I am so glad we went that early bc I was about to die of the heat at 12 when we left as it was I couldn't imagine going any later. I really didn't golf I drove my Grandpa's golf cart while Robert and Richard golfed I was a caddy. LOL. I am horrible at taking my camera with me I wish I did. Then we were planning on going to Christmas in July at Foss to watch the fireworks that evening. It stormed pretty bad Sat. afternoon so we didn't leave until late. When we pulled up to where we were meeting some of Roberts friends I immediately started having an anxiety attack I think. I saw all the cars and the people and I just felt weird. My stomach hurt I had like shortness of breathe so we stayed there for about 10 min and jetted. We met up with AudreyAnn in Butler and when it got dark we drove to a pasture to watch. Well her husband and one of their friends are volunteer firemen and wouldn't you know as soon as it started they got called out. So we didn't get to watch much. We stayed until Mon here in Elk City, Brayden was still my parents so we got to spend so us time together. Pretty much the whole time I was thinking I miss Brayden. Today Robert had to go to a meeting at 8:00 and we just got home at 1:30 and he has already left for work. He has to work all night tonight. Poor guy. He hasn't had much sleep to work that long. Whoo! That was a mouth full . Oh on a side note Robert found out today that his worm hands 3 month old baby died today during a nap. I guess he walked in to check on his baby and found her dead. Please keep them in your prayers. I don't know them but I know he loved his baby he would drive home every morning to see her. Thanks!