Monday, September 24, 2007

brayden and his mirror

This is brayden talking to himself in the mirror. It was better before I grabbed the camera.............of course.

State Fair

Well this weekend we went to Weatherford to visit my Aunt that was visiting from California and while I was down my brother and luke wanted to go to the state fair. It has been many years since I have been so I decided to go. Mom and Dad kept Brayden. We left at like 6 and so that's usually when we leave the fair(when I was younger). So we get there and it's kinda overwelming when you walk in now because it's like bam there's soooo many rides, it's so different from what I remember. I couldn't tell where I was half the time. So we went into the buildings and walked around I got some strudels to go for later, yummy. Then we went and got a corndog and then kyle and luke got some corn. Walked around more then they rode a ride called the space roller it was CRAZY!!!! Listened to the clown getting dunked. I actually suprisingly had fun! Wish Robert would have been there though! :(

Friday, September 21, 2007

And He Crawled!!! Wow!!

Ok it wasn't much but he did it. He's not all the way up, it's more like army style crawling, but he's getting the concept down! Oh lord now with the crawling and rolling I'm gonna be busy! Woo! I can't believe it. The pictures really don't do it justice, he actually crawled before I took the pictures so I had to move the toys and and get him to do it again so he crawled and as soon as he got there he rolled over on to his back with his toy.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Brayden's First Football Game

Well tonight we, Brayden and I, went to a 8th grade football game here in Elk with Michelle Hidlebaugh and Krisha Schantz. At first I wasn't gonna go because I'm kinda sick but I toughed it out. We had fun, we sat by the Connie and Morgan Caulkins. He was a hit. He loves being outside. I decided to go and get his stroller out of my car at the 2nd quarter bc it would give some shade, I came back and he was crying Michelle said the cheering scared him but after that he pretty much got used to it. Michelle took some pictures and I'm gonna get them from her and put them on here later, they are soo cute he had his little hat on and it's a little small now. We bought it in the beginning of summer and he's grown out of it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brayden's First Tooth!!

Well we were sitting around and Brayden was kinda grumpy and I put my finger in his mouth and I was rubbing his gums and I felt something. That's right a tooth, already. I can't believe it!! Other updates are when we hold his legs he will sit straight up and stay for a few seconds and then he's back down, but he is getting close. He's not crawling yet but he is starting to role everywhere around the house, I can't leave the room with out putting him into his bouncy chair or something that will keep him put while I walk away because he will be all the way across the room into something if not. I can't believe he is 5 months already. Where did the time go?? It's crazy to think that he is getting soo big. I mean here it is almost winter and we really don't have any winter clothes for him yet, I didn't even think about it getting colder I just get caught up in the moment and don't think ahead of time sometimes. Well I just thought I would catch you up on the Brayden. I'm gonna try to keep this up to date so everyone will know what's going on in the Huff world!!