Monday, June 9, 2008

Update on Grandpa

Trisha sent this to me today I will keep you updated as she passes it on or when I go see him.

hey, uncle richard did really good again today! In speech therapy, she would say things like "black and ____" and he would say "white" or "red, white and ____" and he would say "blue". She said she had to say some of the words first then he would say it back to her but some of them he did on his own. She was wanting to see if he could say things if they were automatic and he did really good! I didn't see him with physical therapy today but he's been doing really good at that too!In occupational therapy, i don't know if i can explain what we did without kind of showing you but he did really good with his arm today too! He got dressed with less help today which is awesome!He just keeps getting better. Just keep saying those prayers. it's really awesome to see him getting back to himself! He seems to be more interactive with everyone which i think is because he has more confidence and knows he's getting back to what he knows as "normal". i'll keep you updated....trishwill you foward this on to everyone or anyone who would want an update? thanks!

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