Monday, November 19, 2007

What a few days all was just going to be a quick trip to Weatherford then come straight home. Nothing ever turns out how I plan it. I decided to stay for the shower my mom was having at her house to then my bro. invited me to watch the game at his trailer. Well I decided I didn't want to drive home late, so I stayed the night. WRONG decision. I decided to leave about 11:45 I was going to head out and Kyle called me and needed a ride bc he couldn't get his truck to start. So I couldn't get into the turning lane at main and washington so I decided I would cut through United. When I was going up the isle to go to main st. someone decided they didn't want to stop and ran into me. This wasn't just a little finder binder either. You would figure it would be since they were suppose to stop for me know you would think we were on main st. the way my car looks. :( Not sure if it will be able to be fixed and I'm not sure if I want it to. I'm scared stuff will start to go wrong with it now.

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The Jarnagins said...

I am glad you & Brayden are okay.