Thursday, November 29, 2007

A little bit of good news!

Well on Monday I called the insurance from the people that hit me and got the ball rolling. I got a rental car, it's a pt cruiser it's so much smaller in the inside then my car. I was so happy to get something though so I wouldn't have to rely on others. Then yesterday they called and said that my car was fixable, which is a good thing because there is no way I have the money right now to go get a new one. Brayden is finally starting to get over his sickness, but now I have it and I am miserable.
Thanksgiving weekend was CRAZY ! We had to stay at Kyle's because he has the big bed from my moms. We get to my moms Thanksgiving morning and she tells me that she thinks Brayden has an ear infection and he has a bad cough. So we took him to the ER and sure enough he did. We got home just in time for lunch to start. Then Friday I had a rehearsal for Jaime's wedding to go to. Then Saturday of course was the wedding. Well we all got dressed around 3:30 we were waiting to take pictures and Kelsey, Jaime's sister, got really sick. So they took her to the er. We took as many pictures as possible and then it was almost time for the wedding and she hadn't returned so they decided so that people wouldn't have to wait around they would have the reception first and then the wedding. We found out that she was dehydrated. So she got back and we had the wedding it was beautiful and went smooth from there on.
On our way home Monday from getting our rental car Brayden started getting cranky so we got out at El Reno and took him out of his car seat and here is some pictures:

Also some from the Wedding:

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The Jarnagins said...

I am glad Brayden is feeling better - get well soon!