Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend in a Nutshell

This weekend started off pretty boring did really nothing. Then we called my brother on Saturday and he came over we cooked some ribs and put Brayden in his swing we got him that cost a big .50 cents and he loves it money well spent. Sunday we woke up and I cooked eggs for the guys. Then I cooked steaks for lunch. Kyle had a blast with Brayden and Robert.

Monday we decided to go to get our T.V. that was given to us fixed at the Cordell after we dropped it off we went and ate at a Mexican Restraurant called Restraunte Rio and then went through Clinton and decided to go to Weatherford mom was having Brayden withdraws so we surprised her. Her expression was priceless. After that we went over to Dusty and Sarahs and saw Sarah and Cayson. Brayden and Cayson had a play day. It was so cute, the picture above is obviously from that Brayden loved it he got to play with new toys. HAHA! Then he started playing with Cayson's favorite toy and Cayson got a little jealous.
This picture is Cayson started playing with Brayden's head and Brayden didn't think it was funny. I thought it was though.
Next weekend we have a family reunion to go to. So I know that's gonna really be hectic but I will enjoy it.

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