Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's been a while

Well it's been a while since I have last posted and alot has happened. Sadly I haven't uploaded my pictures of it yet. Brayden started sitting up on his own when we put him there. Then the other day I had him on the floor and he was crawling around, the next thing that I know he is sitting up playing with a toy. I was like whoa when did that happened. Is that normal?? Now when I try to put him on the floor he tries to turn around and hold on to stuff to hold himself up. CRAZY! Actually he did this yesterday and he spilt a glass of lemonade on my laptop. I was like OOOHHH NO!! Luckily it just made some of the keys mess up then once they dried they just stick even after I cleaned them I think its gonna take a few more cleanings to get it fully cleaned. Thank goodness it didn't ruin the comp though. All of his pictures are on here since I deleted them off my camera since it was messing up. I have a picture of him hold on to his exersaucer(not sure how that's spelt). Tuesday my mom picked him up after a meeting she had over here at Elk and he stayed the night with her, I subbed at the High School, which was crazy since it was the day before fall break, so I had the house to myself for a night. It was nice then I started thinking I heard him crying which it was weird I had to tell myself he's not here silly. Thought I would go to be early which I was wrong when I started to go to bed I noticed there were cops parked up the street next to my block so I listened to my scanner and someone was getting arrested. I really wanted to watch, LOL I'm nosey. Then they spead away going to book him. Then I went to bed. Robert's rig has been in Woodward which really stinks. He gets to come home once a week. Now it's moving to Canadian, Tx. which is a little closer, but not much. He told me tonight that they are bringing more rigs out of the yard so they will probably need so drillers for those rigs. Yeah promotion, hopefully. I don't want to get my hopes up though. We are still trying to save up money to move to Weatherford. It just seems the more we try to save the more something else needs to be paid so that money has to go to that. Plus no one allows pets. GRR!! So that's pretty much my life now. That I can think about anyways. HA!

Brayden sitting with chance.

Brayden sitting on his own for the

first time.

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