Monday, September 24, 2007

State Fair

Well this weekend we went to Weatherford to visit my Aunt that was visiting from California and while I was down my brother and luke wanted to go to the state fair. It has been many years since I have been so I decided to go. Mom and Dad kept Brayden. We left at like 6 and so that's usually when we leave the fair(when I was younger). So we get there and it's kinda overwelming when you walk in now because it's like bam there's soooo many rides, it's so different from what I remember. I couldn't tell where I was half the time. So we went into the buildings and walked around I got some strudels to go for later, yummy. Then we went and got a corndog and then kyle and luke got some corn. Walked around more then they rode a ride called the space roller it was CRAZY!!!! Listened to the clown getting dunked. I actually suprisingly had fun! Wish Robert would have been there though! :(

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