Thursday, September 20, 2007

Brayden's First Football Game

Well tonight we, Brayden and I, went to a 8th grade football game here in Elk with Michelle Hidlebaugh and Krisha Schantz. At first I wasn't gonna go because I'm kinda sick but I toughed it out. We had fun, we sat by the Connie and Morgan Caulkins. He was a hit. He loves being outside. I decided to go and get his stroller out of my car at the 2nd quarter bc it would give some shade, I came back and he was crying Michelle said the cheering scared him but after that he pretty much got used to it. Michelle took some pictures and I'm gonna get them from her and put them on here later, they are soo cute he had his little hat on and it's a little small now. We bought it in the beginning of summer and he's grown out of it.

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